Essay Samples on Gothic Fiction

The Influence of Gothic Fiction on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Beginning from the 19th century, Gothic fiction has greatly influenced other artistic mediums, such as paintings, music and, in the 20th and 21st centuries, visual media such as films, comic books and video games. Vampires especially have become inescapable in pop culture, being the most…

The Prevalence of Gothic Fiction in Children's Literature

Introduction “Sunny, funny nonsense for children — oh, how boring, boring, boring” (Gorey cited in Schiff 2001, p. 147) The prevalence of Gothic fiction in contemporary children’s literature (Jackson et al. 2013; Howarth 2014; Buckley 2018) means that it is timely topic of discussion. Since…

Gothic Features in Shakespeare's Macbeth

The English advanced courses (LK) in secondary schools intensely work with authentic texts utilizing a vast variety of text types and formats that entail complex literary texts, non-fiction texts, and often visual, audiovisual or listening texts that are extracted from the radio, TV, or the…

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