Dracula And Frankenstein: Prominent Works Of Victorian Literature With Gothic Nature

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Since the beginning of history, people has displayed a deep interest in the nature of gothic and dark. Evil was first most shown gods, whose wrath and ire was to be avoided at all cost lest one find themselves cursed. In the Gothic novel, interiors are linked with danger. Threats come from within the house, within the family, and within the self. The always-waiting sense of danger that characterizes the genre depends on the revelation of unsuspected depths. The gothic seduces its reader into the story by concentrating on the attraction of dark, the reader is pulled into the victim‘s fascination with just that which is forbidden.

In the case of Stoker’s Dracula, there are two ways of seeing these things.

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First, he’s purposely manipulative. He’s naturally compelling, due to his otherworldly nature, he knows how to use this power in his advantage and he does it very determined. He did it with Renfield using the man’s obsession more than once to advance his own motives.

In the novel, Dracula does not pursue Mina because she reminds him of a long-lost love. He doest think twice about turning Mina. he knows he can do it, its his way of showing his power over everything, striking fear into his enemies in this case, Jonathan Harker, Mina’s husband. He knows who he is, he knows what he is, he embraced his darkside, that makes his a unique character and a very powerfull enemу. This is Dracula, the real Dracula. He cannot be threat in any way. He has none of the weaknesses of the normal man – he does not love, he does not desire wealth, he does not even desire power. All he wants is to destroy, corrupt and to be able to go on destroying for the rest of eternity just because he can.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein examines the deep search of knowledge withi deep emotional complications. The tragic example of Victor Frankenstein serves to generally highlight the danger of man’s thirst for knowledge - a science without morality. The creation of Frankenstein's monster is presented as bypassing death of scientific discovery, yet one that brings only sorrow, terror, and devastation to his maker its just like he was ment to create his better half or the person he would become. The creation of the monster is a punishment for Frankenstein for his unlimited of knowledge.

Shelley wrote Frankenstein during an age where scientific advances were exploding rapidly. The discovery of such concepts as electricity had the power to effectively shake the foundations of previously established constructs and truths about the natural world.

Gothic had become so influential that we can detect its elements in much mainstream Victorian fiction.

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