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Critical Interpretations Of Louise Erdrich's Novel "Love Medicine"

Love Medicine weaves together the tales of three generations of the Chippewa people. Love Medicine examines the struggle to balance Native-American tradition with the modern world. Biography Louise Erdrich was the oldest out of her seven siblings. She was born in Little Falls, Minnesota on...

My Life and Career Path as a Dentist

I have always had the dream to go into the medical field and serve others who are less fortunate. Out of the 5 pathways in the “Health Science Career Pathways”, I have an interest in the Therapeutic pathway (Applied Educational Systems, Inc.). By combining Achieve...

Character Relationships in the Novel Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

'Love Medicine', A strong novel has been written by Louise Erdrich, is a new touching relationships. It is about households and lovers. It is in relation to fancy as like the noose up to expectation binds. The characters among the newborn stay at some point...

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