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The Topic Of Rape In Atonement And The Road

Atonement and The Road are defined by the children character who plays a central role in the representations of their childhood and illustrate how environment and experiences affect their moral decision making. In The Road, the son plays a central role in the representation of...

Cecilia's Depiction In The Atonement

Sheri L. Dew once said: “Our responsibility is to learn to draw upon the power of the Atonement. Otherwise, we walk through mortality relying solely on our own strength.” In the film Atonement, Briony Tallis changed the course of many lives through the false stories...

The Relationship Of Lola And Paul In Atonement

Apologies are something everyone is familiar with and something that people may not think much of. An apology or atonement could be looked at as somewhat of a necessity in people’s lives. It is something small we may do after accidentally stepping on someone’s shoe,...

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