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Examples of Strength, Hope And Kindness In 'To The Lighthouse'

Virginia Woolf, the author of To the Lighthouse is well known for her amazing creativity and past experiences which she is able to mix all together to make a wonderful and engaging piece of writing. Many of her books are inspired by her childhood and...

The Significance of the Novel’s Title “To the Lighthouse” in Relation to Its Characters

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This essay, will be an analyses of the significance of the novel’s title, “To the Lighthouse”, in relation to its main characters, Mr and Mrs Ramsay, by commenting on Woolf’s representation of parental roles as reflected through the ‘stream of consciousness’ technique and also, commenting...

Importance of Social Skills In 'To the Lighthouse'

To the Lighthouse is a novel written by Virginia Woolf which was published in 1927. The novel is divided into three parts: ‘The Window’, ‘Time Passes’, and ‘The Lighthouse’. The story centres on Mr. Ramsay, a philosopher, and his significant other, an acclaimed delight, both...

Feminism in 'To the Lighthouse' By Virginia Woolf

In 1927 when To the Lighthouse was published, feminist literature was not universally accepted by the public. Virginia Woolf is known for her feminist views and her interest in writing novels about the inner lives of women. However, it is not safe to assume that...

Virginia Woolf's Femenism In To the Lighthouse

In the Victorian age, a glorious period in British history, marriage meant the husband was the dominator and bread earner of the family while the wife was supposed to support him and attend the family well. The Ramsay couple is the typical model of Victorian...

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