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Daniel Defoe's Depiction of Desire in Romantic Literature

The Romantic period came at a time of revolution throughout much of America and Europe, the glorious revolution resulting in triumph at waterloo, scientists and manufacturers were pushing the bounds of industry, during the industrial evolution and many authors began to do the same. Pushing...

The Importance of Social Class: Charles Dickens's Great Expectations

The industrial revolution in England in the 18th and 19th centuries altered society's social, political, and economic elements. By establishing the class structure, the revolution created a division in society. This led to the swift establishment of increasingly distinct groups, including the middle and upper...

How World Wars Influenced William Golding's Beliefs and Work

During the first half of the 20th century, war was a huge factor in the whole world, World War I and II was in effect. It killed millions: 25% of the people were unemployed, and people were losing their homes. Since people went through these...

Jane Austen: Unveiling the Truth of Freeing Ourselves and Pure Love

200 years after her tragic death, Jane Austen remains a name that turns thousands of heads and ignites hearts with euphoria. On December 16th, 1775, the seventh of eight children to Churchman George and well-connected Cassandra Austen was born; her name was Jane Austen. Jane...

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