Essay Samples on Salman Rushdie

The Irony in Salman Rushdie's Novel Free Radio

Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie is considered to be one of the most notable novelists of the 20th century. Born on 19 August, 1947 in Bombay, Rushdie was the only son among the four children of Anis Rushdie and Negin Butt. He graduated in History from...

Magical Realism and Matriarchy in Salman Rushdie's Novel Midnight’s Children and Gabriel Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude

Magical realism (MR) fuses magic and realism together to form one new perspective. Critics often reduce magical realism to a mere synonym of the “fantasy” genre. If this were valid, fantasy literature would be a post-colonial phenomenon, which is not necessarily the case. Magic literature...

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