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The Left Hand Of Darkness: The Change Of Perspectives

Alien encounters can lead to human characters’ change in becoming more trusted in the different race or acknowledging very distinct perspectives. In “First Contact” by Murray Leinster in 1945, the story starts with the human spaceship Llanvabon alone in the universe, and then they meet...

Light And Darkness In The Left Hand Of Darkness

On planet Earth, human interaction and relationships serve as foundations for a thriving humanity and community, as these connections define a human being’s purpose and meaning in life. Relationships are fostered by a mutual feeling of togetherness, or kinship, often through discovering similarities with others....

The Juxtaposition Of The Characters In The Left Hand Of Darkness

What differentiates science fiction for other genre of literary fiction is its ability to tell stories without the restrictions of the real world. The genre is never compelled to mimic real life in the way realist fiction must do. It has the vitality to create...

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