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Chris Mccandless: A Hero Of Into The Wild

Is doing your dream and doing what you love, is that really throwing away your life? Chris McCandless had the courage to take action to fulfill his dream and noble ideas. Most people just do what society wants us to do but chris did what...

Chris McCandless' Journey Into The Wild

Imagine a tedious mission of solidarity, defiance, perseverance, and purpose. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer tells the true story of a wealthy young man, Chris McCandless, who had just that type of trip. He abandoned a life of comfort and conformity to embark on...

The Study of Survival Skills in Into the Wild

Christopher McCandless was a young man who wanted to give the world a challenge and use his energy to survive in the wild. He had very few reasons for venturing out into the wild without the proper equipment and gear to survive for at least...

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