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Black Feminism In The Poetry Of Maya Angelou

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Abstract This research paper aims at finding out the features of a black female as portrayed in Maya Angelou's poems. This research has utilized qualitative and analytical method as the research contains no numerical data. The researcher has selected three poems of Maya Angelou which...

Social Issues Addressed In The Poems Of Harlem Renaissance

American author, professor, feminist and social activist Bell Hooks believes that society automatically uses people's appearance and ethnicity to judge the kind of person they are. Many fight for equality since all anyone is trying to do is to live their lives freely like others....

How Maya Angelou Addresses Bigotry in Her Poem Still I Rise

In the poem ‘Still I Rise’, Maya Angelou describes and addresses the bigotry, racism, and hatred that have been directed at her, her gender, and her nationality throughout history. In the first stanza, Angelou’s persona states that the history of the black American population have...

Maya Angelou: Women’s Rights Activist and Author of World Wide Poems

Maya Angelou, original name Marguerite Annie Johnson, was born April 4, 1928, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. Angelou passed on May 28, 2014; she was an American writer, memoirist, and histrion whose many volumes of life explore the themes of economic, racial, and sexual oppression. Although...

Maya Angelou's Poetry: A Voice of Hope For the Colonised

Post-colonial literature is not only interested in issues regarding power and dominance but also freedom and empowerment (Critical Anthology,2015), Angelou manages to comment on these issues through her expressive poetry, which is manipulated to support cultural difference and diversity (P.Barry 2002). Angelou’s poetry gives us...

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