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What Drives a Person to be a Villain

Society today runs on technology, therefore technology is a medium that can be used by villains as a tool for their actions. In “Electric Funeral, ” Chuck Klosterman considers the idea of villainy, specifically in regard to the inevitability of technological progress. Klosterman argues that...

Villains in Tess of the D'urberviiles

Hardy presents villains in Tess of the D’Urbervilles not only through the physical description and actions of characters; such as Alec D’Urberville, the man who triggers the series of events that cause Tess’s downfall. But also, through the oppressive societal views that become the underlying...

Peter Pan is the Villain or Not

You probably know the innocent fairy-tale of Peter Pan where he takes children at night to a land called Neverland where all young one’s dreams come true defeating Captain Hook every step of the way. The story was originally written by James Matthew Barrie in...

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