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Quality Demand Forecast To Avoid Excessive Inventory In African Fmcg

1) From article: Impact of Poor Forecasting Accuracy:Gross Margin and Organizational Effects of Poor Forecasting Accuracy Forecasting is an integrated exercise that need the participating of all levels of supply chain to share information in order to improve the forecast accuracy and the performance of...

The Threats to Global Food Supplies and Possible Solutions to the Problem

It is predicted the global population will reach 9 million by 2050 (Black, 2010). The world is facing serious food supply risk and more challenging farming environment, whereas countless food is wasted every day instead of eaten. This essay discusses the impact of increasing land...

Impotance of Forecasting the Demand in Making Production Plan

Forecasting the demand is the most important part for any organization. Mirpur Ceramics are more concern regarding this issue. Based on market demand they need to forecast how much product they need to produce for the upcoming year. For demand forecasting issue they analyze the...

Weather Hazards and Practice of Forecasting in Singapore

Singapore is a Southeast Asian island country located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula between Malaysia and Indonesia and separated from the mainland by the Johor Strait. Owing to its proximity to the equator, Singapore is blessed with a tropical climate around the...

Wind Power Forecasting & Its Role In Wind Integrated Power System Operations

Abstract Wind power forecasting plays a critical role in wind integrated power system operations such as unit commitment, economic dispatch, reserve allocation, storage management and trading of energy. Accurate assessment of wind data forecasting is vital for wind power dispatch. This is required by transmission...

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