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Does Hard Work Really Pays You Off In Philippines

Most of us believe that when we work hard, we will be successful -- no matter how you define success. But we believe in a lie because, in reality, that’s not how it works. Not all people who give so much effort, time and dedication,...

Current Economic Situation of Philippines

The Philippines is a country situated in Southeast Asia, on the Western side of the Pacific Ocean. It is a former colony of Spain and as of today combines together some 7641 islands to form the nation. The country’s location makes it vulnerable to typhoons...

The Influence of Globalization on the Philippine Economy

Globalisation entails the progressive breakdown of artificial barriers between economies, allowing for the effective flow and exchange of goods and services. Globalisation has extensively impacted the global economy and empowered nation states to strategically develop initiatives and policies to promote economic growth and development. The...

Globalization: Philippine’s Overview and our Path Onward

Globalization just hit the world and skyrocketed businesses into booming success. Who would have ever thought that this thing could change how we do business. First things first, let us discuss what is globalization. According to Investopedia it is the spread of products, technology, information,...

The Impact of Rice Importation Laws on Filipino Rice Farmers

Rice is a staple food in the Philippines and a major source of livelihood for millions of rice farmers. However, the government's rice importation policies have had a significant impact on the livelihoods of these farmers. In recent years, the Philippines has become one of...

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