Rice Farmers and Rice Importation Laws in Philipines

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The Philippines is now one of the fast rising and developing country in the Asian region that is in terms of economic development. Far and wide industrial development is booming so much so that even in the farthest area of our land, from the north to south, high rise buildings and structures are continuously being erected and constructed. Not only by the local entrepreneurs and or industrialists but more so by foreign investors; and this industrialization and progress of our country has largely affected the land mass of the Philippines. This is so because most of our agricultural lands have been converted and used in said development; as such, agricultural lands devoted to rice farming and production have continuously decreased in area. Filipino rice farmers have been greatly affected, and the present Rice Importation Law has brought more sufferance than benefit to them.

The Philippines is experiencing an unusual problem. One of them is Tarrification Law. Recently, President Duterte signed a law that will resolve the rice economy and its local farmers that is expected to be affected in their bussiness which gives the citizens unfair price, impact of Rice Tarrification Law on Filipino Farmers and Rice shortage by using rice importation as a solution. But there’s a problem, signing the law has made things difficult or even worse for the local farmers. Many months has passed by, farmers are slowly suffering since rice importation has started. All of the efforts has done by the farmers are put to waste because what happens is they end up supporting other countries from farmers while others go hungry and slowly losing the livelihood of the farmers. They also conclude that the law will make the Filipino farmers competitive and profitable which is not because rice from abroad is cheaper and we all know that Filipinos wants cheaper and affordable while others doesn’t know that other farmers waits in line to sign documents as part of cash loan requirements to help other farmers but to solve the crisis of the farmers. Duterte says government should buy palay from local farmers at reasonable price. So that the farmers has no longer to suffer and gives justice about their rights and hard works as a farmer

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Rice is such an important part of the Philippines history and culture. The Philippines is an island nation, a country that is made up of one or more islands. But having a rice crisis and rice shortage in the Philippine has been a problem recently. That’s the reason why we import rice here in the Philippines to resolve that crisis. Philippines continues to suffer every few years. All they need to is to improve those laws. They have not really lost anything except that there’s an abberation in the market. There’s a news about the rice shortage or rice crisis in the south, where prices have skyrocketed as high as P70 per kilo is a disaster waiting to happen. Its cues like this that the government wants shorter these lining up for state subsidized imported rice that is sold there at half the market cost but authorities insist there is no shortage of supply. The Philippines once a rice exporting nation is now the world’s largest importer but recently many exporters are keeping their supply for domestic markets to slow down their own inflation. So the Philippine demand is only helping push prices in the world marker even higher, officials are now asking the World Bank to step in and stabilize the situation. In an attempt to control distribution, Philippine authorities will be issuing rice access to the poorest families. Many analysts say the problem has been handled by years of the government neglect of the local rice industry choosing to spend money on cheap imports instead of developing local agriculture.

Lastly, youths of today must be trained to be self-sufficient and should not be fully dependent on rice for food; they should work and must be resourceful to look for substitute. They should learn to plant some vegetables and other grains like wheat with equivalent nutrient values. In this case it will be beneficial to every member of the family. Backyard farming could be solutions too for those who live in the city; or plants in every little space available which can produce food substitute for rice with sufficient nutrition or vitamins for everyone.

At same time, educate consumers on the advantages of consuming less amount of rice according to the needs or physical condition or one’s health (eat more fruits and vegetables than rice). But more importantly, rice farmers should also try to divert their efforts in other agricultural products so they will not be greatly affected by the rice importation tariffication law. For after all it was the aim of the government to give Filipinos staple food supply at a very affordable price. Their land must made to try some other products aside from rice to make it more competitive and productive.

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