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Parthenon: Influence of Greek and Roman Culture on Western Architecture

 Institutions and buildings around the world have adopted the architectural styles from Greece and Rome, particularly in the west. It started with the Greek and then once Romans were introduced to it, they adopted it and improved upon it in their own way. Today we...

Role of Architect in India and US: Differences in Law and Policies

The architectural policies in India and United States differences in many ways. There are differences in practicing architecture as a profession as well as studying architecture. The architectural policies in each country and state might differ and it is governed by specific Registeredregistered body. In...

The Role of Architect in the Contract Establishment

In 2017, the RIAI amended the standard building contracts in order to take into account the introduction of the Construction Contracts Act (2013) and the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (2014). The new contracts were designed to make the content simpler. They are now easier to...

The Magnificent Eiffel Tower: The Structure Analysis

The Eiffel Tower, Robert Delaunay, 1910 is an astonishing painting by Robert Delaunay that can be found in the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York City. Delaunay painted the first series between 1909 and 1912 and a second series between 1920 and 1930. He focused on...

The Design and Material Structure of the Famous Eiffel Tower

Time flies, time is like a shuttle, only buildings always stand, witness, record. Just like the Eiffel Tower, it is the true creation of an era, witnessing the progress of human civilization and the development of technology for more than 100 years. This classic building...

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