The Design and Material Structure of the Famous Eiffel Tower

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Time flies, time is like a shuttle, only buildings always stand, witness, record. Just like the Eiffel Tower, it is the true creation of an era, witnessing the progress of human civilization and the development of technology for more than 100 years. This classic building provides a new inspiration for the design of the new watch, and has made the Swiss beauty watch commander series. The watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement to ensure precise travel time, and the details of the watch are based on the pure technical and power aesthetic of the Eiffel Tower. The watchmaking process of the United States transforms the architectural charm of the Eiffel Tower into a legend of the wrist, creating a masterpiece of the combination of watch and architecture, and becoming the 'commander' who leads the times.

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This is a tribute to the creation of steel, singing the wisdom and innovation of humanity in the industrial revolution; this is a French-style sacred church, carrying the dreams and cravings of people in romantic feelings. The Eiffel Tower, standing on the banks of the Seine, has experienced a hundred years of wind and rain and has become a yearning for many people. Nowadays, the Swiss leitor watch draws inspiration from this, and integrates this architectural legend into the watch design, and finally achieves the commander series, allowing time and space to stay in the romance and explore the other side of life.

The Eiffel Tower rises from an ordinary base point, without the need for paving and transition, it can easily throw away the secular and floating dust and stand in the clouds. It gives people an illusion, and people look forward to it, waiting for people to experience and explore. The famous French structuralist literary theorist and cultural critic Roland Barthe once described in the book: 'Commemorative buildings are equivalent to a mystery. It is to break the mystery.' Swiss Mead Commander Series From this point of view, the watch combines the classic architecture of the Eiffel Tower with the Swiss traditional watchmaking concept, giving the beauty commander a new look to the watch, making Swiss fine watchmaking and classic architectural art In the history of the watchmaking of the United States, write a thick and colorful stroke.

The commander's round case and steel material are like the curve of the tower's tip to the tower. It is smooth and dynamic; the design of the fine between the dials is also inspired by the appearance of the Eiffel Tower, full of vitality, which makes the commander series watch Become a symbol of positive and confident, showing the noble style of French style. The production process of this series of watches follows the assembly and assembly of the Eiffel Tower with a nail and a riveting, all of which reflect the meticulous care. Every detail is trying to present a new watch experience, which also fits the life. Colorful and varied. This series of watches has evolved into a process of exploration, trying to show the romantic taste of French and the taste of elegant art. It is accompanied by time and second, and life is full of possibilities. The Commander's watch is equipped with an ETA advanced automatic mechanical movement to ensure precise travel time, so that watch wearers never miss every exciting time. The case is 40 mm in diameter and is equipped with a Super-LumiNova luminous handle to make the nighttime readings clearer and more convenient. Indented head, 50m waterproof, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes the watch as a whole. The Swiss Medeau Commander's watch is paired with a polished and polished stainless steel strap. It also offers a choice of silver and black dial watches to suit every occasion and become an important partner in every moment of life.

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