Essay Samples on Philippines

The Filipino Migration to Hawaii

I choose the topic of how the Filipinos migrated to Hawaii because it is a part of my identity that Iʻve always wondered about but never really researched. I wanted to find out more about who I am as a person and the best way…

The Pattern of Korean Migration to Philippines

Looking at it from a national-level perspective, Kutsumi (2004), studies the formation of social organization and offers some estimates of the magnitude of Korean migration to the whole of the Philippines. Using data obtained from the Annual Report of Statistics on Immigration and Emigration Control…

The Spread of HIV and AIDS in Phillippines and Ways to Prevent It

Introduction Sexually transmitted illnesses (STDs) are infections that spread person to person through intimate contact, STDs have an effect on everyone even babies, teenagers, healthy person, prosperous or the poor. According to WebMD (2019), it produces bacteria, parasites and viruses that have an effect on…

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