Farming In The Philippines: Dont Break The Limit For It Is Bad

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People here in the Philippines known as a rice lover they always eat rice. Have you imagined that what would we do if the farm land here in our country disappears like bubbles? How individual person survive? The Philippines is the number one exporter of rice in Southeast Asia 1970’s to 1980’s according in the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). The Philippines has roughly 30 million ha of land, of which 9. 7 million are considered agricultural.

The Central Luzon is the rice granary of the Philippines; it produces million metric tons of rice. The rice is the most important food of the Filipinos. According to the 2006 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES), ordinary rice was consumed by approximately 15 million families at an average of 463 kg per family per year or 8. 9 kg a week. Classified as ordinary rice are regular commercial varieties like C-4, Intan, Macan and IR-8. For special rice, the average consumption by about 4. 1 million families consuming it was 329 kg per family annually, or 6. 3 kg a week. Special rice includes well-milled commercial varieties of rice like Wag-wag (1st class), Milagrosa, Sinandomeng, Dinorado, 7Tonner and other fancy varieties.

On the other hand, the average consumption by approximately 2. 2 million families for NFA rice was 255 kg per family per year or 4. 9 kg a week Today the Philippines has suffering a problem: the shortage of supply of rice. The Philippines have a wide ratio of land were farmers plant a rice but many agricultural land converted to industrial land they established a lot of building like houses, malls,factories and etc. The Philippines is always strike by the calamities and the government need to support the victims that’s why their decided to buy a farmland and build there many house for the victims. Converting agricultural lands to industrial lands has positive effects on human’s life. Our government increases the number of housing projects on families that lives in coastal areas, squatter areas, and the families who do not have a house to live that only lives in the street It also increases the businesses in the particular places that can helps the people to have a job. It also makes the transportation easier. But despite of the positive changes, there are also negative effects. Due to increasing industrial lands, the agricultural lands are rapidly decreasing specially the farming lands. It decreases the number of trees and plants. It increases the chance of having landslide, mud floods, soil erosions and greenhouse gasses. The most affected are the plantation of rice, because of that there is a shortage of rice.

The average harvest of the farmers is decreasing. Because, of that the shortage of rice. Are Happening and the price of the rice seller in the market are increasing very fast. I remembered that my uncle shared a story about “palayan” he said we are the number 1 supplier of palay in south east Asia and we teach other country how to plant “palay” but now, there are so many structures that change everything, philippines is not the number 1 supplier here in south east asia because there are so many country have already known how to plant palay. Because of the structures there are many “palayan” have been ruined.

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