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History of Rice and the Benefits of Rice Cultivation in Australia

Rice has become a very important food source for millions of people since the realization of its potential in 2800 BC until now. It has provided those with nothing to make a living selling and growing rice while also providing a stable food source for...

Rice Shortage in Philippines and the Rice Importation Controversy

Although the our country is an agricultural-based with rice as its main crop, we still import rice from other countries than consuming the harvest of the Filipino farmers, the country almost relies on Rice Importation even though we can increase the rice production in our...

Farming In The Philippines: Dont Break The Limit For It Is Bad

People here in the Philippines known as a rice lover they always eat rice. Have you imagined that what would we do if the farm land here in our country disappears like bubbles? How individual person survive? The Philippines is the number one exporter of...

Nitrogen Foliar Application Growth Response In Rice Cultivars

Growth characteristics of three Indonesian rice cultivars (Inpara 5, IR 64, and Si Kuning) were evaluated under 7 and 14 days submergence condition. Nitrogen foliar treatment of 2300 ppm was applied to rice plants and split into two application times: before (N1) and after (N2)...

Swamp Rice Cultivation In South Sumatra, Indonesia

Introduction Rice (Oryza sativa) is an important cereal in Indonesia since it is the staple food for nearly 90% of the population. The center of rice production area in Indonesia is essentially located in Java where rice has been intensively cultivated by the farmers. However,...

Evaluation Of Rice Genotypes And Changes Defence Responses

Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is a principal source of staple food for most of the world populations particularly in Asia. Several plant nematodes are reported to cause yield loss in rice crop among them rice root knot nematode, Meloidogyne graminicola is one of the main...

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