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Origins of Sushi and How They Evolved Throughout the Years

In today’s day and age food has become a major topic when it comes to trends and social media. Social media models travel the world and explore new cuisines and post them on their social media accounts. That influences the rest of modern society to...

Five Rules of Japanese Cuisine

5 (go) is considered a lucky number in Japanese culture. The prevalence of this can be seen in art, in architecture, in literary and especially in its food tradition. Maybe there're not many people can tell where these rules derived from, nor can recite them...

Reading Food in Modern Japanese Literature

Aoyama, Tomoko. Reading Food in Modern Japanese Literature. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press 2008. This journal article provides information about specific genre of diaries. It also analyzes what is the meaning of Aoyama labels “down-to-earth eating and writing”, which is elaborated as realistic descriptions of...

The Seasonal Beauty of Japanese Food with Film Series “Little Forest”

Japan is well known for its distinct seasonality, especially in its food. Japanese celebrate their seasons by enjoying the fresh ingredients unique to that season, which is a feature for washoku, a famous national cuisine. A meal in Japan goes beyond simply eating the food....

Overview of the Main Features of Japanese Culture and Cuisine

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Introduction to Asian Cultures and CustomsAsia is the largest continent on the Earth which is occupying almost 9% of the surface, which includes 50 countries. Asia is the most populated continent with 60% of the total world’s population. Asia is home for many traditions, Customs,...

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