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An American Teen Movie "The Breakfast Club"

The BreakFast club is an American teen movie, written and produced by John Hughes in 1985, who later went on to make Home Alone. The movie starts at Shermer High School, as they are reported for Saturday’s detention on march 24, 1984 at 7 a.m....

Breakfast Catering Service In Brunswick

Eat breakfast sort of a king, lunch sort of a prince, and dinner sort of a beggar. This old-age adage just shows how important it’s to possess an enormous and hearty breakfast. It is your first meal for the day, and it’ll provide you with...

Why Eating Breakfast Everyday Is Important

Eating breakfast is important among many other things. Lots of people, including young people start their day without breakfast. Most of them (if you’re like me) feel as if they don’t have any time when they wake up before their daily activities or just don’t...

The Benefits Healthy Breakfast Has on Body

Introduction Breakfast is mostly considered as an important meal of the day because it provides the basic energy which helps to perform all the activities ahead in the best possible way. Not having a healthy breakfast, or simply skipping a breakfast, may reduce the brain...

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