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Exploring the Emotions: the Filmistic Story of Like Water for Chocolate

Abstract The movie Like Water for Chocolate is directed by Alfonso Arau in 1992 which is based on the novel Como Agua Para Chocolate written by Laura Esquivel. She is a Mexican author and screenplay writer. She began her profession as a screenplay writer, writing...

The Origin of Chocolate and Its Addictivity

Chocolate plays an important role in my life. Working at the Godiva store is perfect for my love of chocolate, I can enjoy it while at the same time educate customers and help them find the right ones for their palate. Many of my customers...

Research on the Effects of Dark Chocolate on the Person's Health

The paper tries to have an insight into the relationship between the consumption of chocolate and health outcomes due to its ingestion. According to the authors, literature that explains the potential health benefits when one consumes chocolate is unclear. Also, the research has lacked systematic...

The Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease After Consumption of Chocolate

Abstract The following research essay discusses and critically analyzes the topic of moderate dark chocolate consumption and its effects on the risk factors of cardiovascular disease, namely; hypertension, high cholesterol and insulin resistance. Research of multiple online databases on the topic of choice was conducted...

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