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The Benefits of Use of Artificial Sweeteners as a Substitute for Sugar

Abstract Artificial sweeteners have become the new way of avoiding sugar triggered illnesses by not containing any calories and not contributing to the metabolic processes that occur in the body. The food industry has incorporated these substances to substitute their use of excessive sugar (sucrose)...

Artificial Sweeteners: A Healthier Alternative Compared to Regular Sugar

Introduction Diabetes is one of the most common conditions affecting Canadians with an estimated 2 million Canadians, or 1 in 16 people, having been diagnosed with diabetes1. As of 2009, 48 per cent of Canadians were overweight or obese and the most common type of...

The Rise in Popularity of Artificial Sweeteners

Nearly everyone enjoys the taste of something sweet from time to time, rather it be a tasty apple, a milk product or even regular table sugar in a cookie. Although, there arises a problem when the consumption of sugar is too high, leading to issues...

Dissecting the Use of Artificial Sweeteners in Diet Soda

“Can I order a double cheeseburger, large fries, and a large Diet Coke?” I hear this request at fast food restaurants nearly every time I am in line. The irony of washing down a calorically dense meal with a NutraSweet-flavored bubbly liquid makes me wonder...

An Investigation of the Consumption of Artificial Sweeteners in America

Candy bars, cakes, and cokes: The average American is now estimated to consume about 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugar every year. Only a decade ago, this consumption was a mere 5 pounds a year for every American (Regan)! This massive intake of sugar...

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