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Why Oreo Cookies by Mondelez Is so Popular

Introduction Mondelez International, Inc is a multinational confectionery, food and beverage company which mainly focuses on snacks production based in America (Reuters, 2019). Having net revenues of $25.9 billion and net earnings of $3.4 billion during the year of 2018, Mondelez is one of the...

Diffrent Ways to Eat the Oreo Cookies

There is a unique debate on what the right way to eat an Oreo is and there are many ways to do so. Over the years people have people have discovered many different and unique ways to consume an Oreo cookie. These include: splitting them...

Going Vegan: The Best Substitutes for Meat and Dairy

Delicious Alternatives to Meat & Diary Most people would admit that they see the immense benefits of a vegan lifestyle in regard to how much it would improve their health, benefit the environment, and save the lives of countless animals; however the biggest concern for...

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