Diffrent Ways to Eat the Oreo Cookies

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There is a unique debate on what the right way to eat an Oreo is and there are many ways to do so. Over the years people have people have discovered many different and unique ways to consume an Oreo cookie. These include: splitting them apart, biting right into them, dunking them in cold milk, and many more. Most kids today haven’t been introduced to the different ways to eat an Oreo, so they stick mostly to the ways they already know, which is either splitting them apart or biting right into them.

A case study was performed at a school in California to test whether or not kids go for the cream first, or bite the whole cookie.

Elementary students at Crossroads Christian School in Corona, California are having some fun and learning about the scientific method as well. They are collecting and organizing data to prove their hypothesis about how most students eat Oreo cookies. The budding scientists have invited other schools to join the project by participating in an online survey in the next couple of weeks. So far, the Crossroads hypothesis seems to be incorrect; about 35 percent of students twist the cookies open to eat the middle first, and 37 percent bite their Oreos(Delisio par 2).

In addition to enjoying delicious Oreo cookies, the students had also learned a broad variety of skills through the experiment. The skills included: gaining experience in collecting, analyzing, and presenting data. The students who participated also used graphs and charts to make changes, analyze, and input the data they collected through their experiment. 'We covered so many technical skills...students don't realize they are learning about spreadsheets and databases”(Delisio par 7). With this experiment, the Oreo acted as a bridge between science and students. The students learned new skills that might help them later on in their educational future, and got to enjoy a snack at the same time.

Other experiments have been performed with Oreos that are similar to the one previously discussed, but this next experiment concentrates more on the icing than the actual cookie.

Twisting Oreos to to try and find out which side of the cookie will have the most icing on it is a tradition that’s been going on for a long time. For kids, it’s a humorous way to place a wager when settling problems on the playground with help from the delicious cookie, and the probability in determining which side of the cookie will have the most icing always seemed to be just a coincidence, or some blind circumstance the cookie Gods have pre-determined.
However, according to scientists and researchers at the University of Princeton, it was discovered that the question of which side of the cookie will get the most icing is not left to chance or probability after all. “In fact, a study in 2014 concluded with a 100% rate of accuracy which side of the cookie gets the cream, and it all boils down to how Oreos are manufactured” (Blum par 2).

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The students had mechanical engineering and aerospace technology on their side when they concluded that every single Oreo in each individual box of cookies splits in half the exact same way every time. Although it took Ivy League scientists to find the answer to this question, you can easily test their conclusion yourself with the instructions provided below.

“Position the Oreo box so that the text on the packaging is facing the right way, and take out the cookie in the upper left hand corner. If the cream ends up on the left biscuit on one cookie, it’ll end up on the left biscuit for every cookie in that box. If it’s on the right, vice versa” (Blum par 4).

The Oreo cookies are manufactured by a machine that pumps out the delectable filling onto a cookie wafer, and whichever side of the wafer receives the icing first is the side that the icing sticks to and it's the side that maintains the icing when you split the cookie apart. This experiment seems to have answered a question that's been bothering Oreo lovers across the world.

One of the many keys to Nabisco’s success with the Oreo cookie is it’s interactivity with its consumers. There are many different ways to eat and enjoy the cookie. For example, you can bite it, twist it, and dunk it. So with viable research from Oreo lovers, psychologists, and food writers have come to the conclusion that in the way that someone eats an Oreo, it identifies a personality type.

One thing we’ve probably never thought about when eating Oreos is if the way we eat an Oreo says something about ourselves in ways we would’ve never imagined. In 2004, Kraft, which is owned by Oreo manufacturer Nabisco launched a survey that included over 2000 Oreo eaters and discovered that they are separated into three different categories. For example, “dunkers tend to be energetic, adventurous, and extremely social. 87% of dunkers say milk is their liquid of choice for dunking. Twisters — and who hasn’t twisted an Oreo – (I personally think it makes the Oreo last longer ‘cause you get two cookies) – tend to be emotional, sensitive, artistic, and trendy. Biters are easy going, self-confident, and optimistic” (Klatell par 9). It’s very interesting to know that the way you eat something can somehow determine your personality. Since the way a person eats their Oreos can determine what one’s personality is like. It would be interesting to discover the most unique way to eat one.

When it comes to the best way to eat an Oreo, people can get pretty defensive about their stance. There are the dip-it-in-milk purists, the twist-and-eat it pros, and even the just-treat-it-like-a-normal-cookie people. Some people might argue that the proper way to consume an Oreo actually comes down to personal preference. However, “some Oreo lovers have found that that the most brilliant way to eat an Oreo is, in their opinion, to use a pepper mill” (Bain par 2).

The Delish team attended an Oreo-themed event this week that was all about snack hacks. And it was there that we were first introduced to Oreo dust, or the ground-up, chocolaty substance that comes out of a pepper mill when you fill it with crumbled up cookies instead of peppercorns. You can put the resulting deliciousness on ice cream, frosted desserts like cakes or cupcakes, or even popcorn.

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