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Reaping the Health Advantages of Lemon Water

Lemons square measure healthy. Most people associate lemons with vitamin C, however that’s not all they need to supply. They’re low in sugar and per the USDA National Nutrient info, contain everything from adermin, vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and B complex...

The Effect of Lemon Water on the Amounts of Brown Spots on Mangoes

The Philippines has always been proud of its national fruit – the mango, however, the fruit itself has not yet been able to conquer the world unlike its counterpart, the dried mango. We have recently seen the increase in the production of mangoes. The problem...

Lemon and Lemon-Lime: Health Benefits and Strengths

Lemon The homeland of this fruit is Burma and northern India. Tea with lemon is an aristocratic drink. And by the way it is very tasty. Rarely, anyone can eat this sour fruit in its natural form - tears splash from the eyes. But in...

The Agricultural Importance of Lemon in Indonesia

For the people of Indonesia, especially the people of Aceh, there is one plant that is often planted in their home grounds, namely 'Jeruk Nipis plant'. For the people of Aceh, the fruit is especially needed by people in the area itself which is used...

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