Current Trends In The Food Market Industry

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Based on Bolton et al (2013) generation Y is the generation who born in 1981 until 1999. This generation has a tendency to rely on technology which has good and bad effect in terms of cognitive, emotional, technology and social outcome, Immordino-Yang et al. Furthermore, Cui et al stated that generation Y is the combination generation that have strong average spending. They usually spend time and money on food in restaurant 3 times a week, said Sheahan (2005).

Generation Y is strongly up to date with any changes that happen nowadays, including the booming trends around them. They are always connected with their gadgets which automatically in touch with other people because of social media. This condition help generation Y well known with trends, for example, is food trend. Tyler (2018), there are 4 foods that will become famous in 2018:

Food that serve uniquely

Restaurants are trying to finding interesting ways to serve their food so they can give the consumer not only the food but also an experience in there.

Poke from Hawaii

Restaurants are doing experiment to serve poke differently which is a salad from Hawaii and use raw fish as the main ingredient but they are serving poke with buritto or pizza.

Edible flower

Not only vegetable, flower nowadays become a material that exist in a food. But only edible flower which can use in a food because beside flower is edible, it is also boost the flavor of the food and make food become more aesthetic.


Although it is sounds ridiculous but insects are eco-friendly and also contain full of protein, calcium and iron which good for human body.

However, Ruby (2017) stated that by reflecting the food trend in 2017 it is probably still become the trend for the next 2 years in Jakarta, Indonesia. There are 6 food trends that have a possibility to continue their uptrends:

More international food and beverage brands are coming

In the past few years, there are a lot of F&B international brands open their shop in Indonesian malls. For example is cheesecake form Japan with Uncle Tetsu brand which very famous because of the taste and texture.

Modernizing traditional food

Traditional foods that known as ancient foods are re-inventing by combining with modern food, such as a simply fried banana but know known as banana nugget because the banana already covered by flour, deep fried, and serve with a lot of topping.

Elevated Indonesian food

It sounds like modernizing the authentic Indonesian food but precisely it deconstructs the look of the food and using modern technique of cooking which includes molecular gastronomy. For example, Namaaz dining and Nusa gastronomy are the restaurants that using elevated Indonesian food concept.

Online-specific food business

For the past 3 years, online food still become popular until now because of the support from online motorcycle taxi (Gojek and Grab bike) that provide online food delivery by only using a mobile app to order the food and drink.

Food + Do it yourself (DIY)

It is like a restaurant let the customer involvement in the food making the process by the company providing the food and the condiments then customer need to cook it. For example are grill and shabu restaurant.

Making the basic complex and complex basic

It is originally to make a common food become simpler from the way it cooks and serve. Such as Indonesian satay is using grilled chicken satay that marinated with soy sauce with peanut sauce become more convenient by plainly grilled chicken satay serve with sambal or chili paste.

In accordance with Ruby (2017) about elevated Indonesian food by using molecular gastronomy as a trend of food in Indonesian, Amiluhur (2014) has the same opinion that Indonesia has a uniqueness of gastronomy, by elevating traditional food it would help Indonesian food become more diverse and also increasing the number of tourists to come because Indonesian cuisine is one of the tourist attraction.

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