Why Eating Breakfast Everyday Is Important

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Eating breakfast is important among many other things. Lots of people, including young people start their day without breakfast. Most of them (if you’re like me) feel as if they don’t have any time when they wake up before their daily activities or just don’t have an appetite right away. I feel that it is truly vital to start off your day with a nice breakfast which provides a great source of fuel. This paper has the main purpose. It’s showing you how much of an impact and importance it is to start your day off right. Grab a pen and paper because taking notes is a must. I’m here to hopefully change your mind as to why breakfast is extremely important.

The first reason I feel breakfast is important is because of your health. When you skip breakfast, you are putting yourself at risk for many things. For example; elevated blood pressure, bad cholesterol and even weight gain. It is not healthy to have an empty stomach from most of the day until lunch, or even dinner. All you’re doing is promoting the start of gastritis and the start of a lot of unnecessary health problems.

The second reason I feel like eating breakfast is important is because it is a source of fuel. We had humans rely on food for survival. If we don’t have food, we don’t have our source of energy or nutrients we need to have a successful day. Your body or your brain will not function as well as they could without energy or fuel to produce that. When you try to learn something with an empty stomach you will not have a successful time doing so. Did you know you will be so tired from not eating breakfast? Many people think the opposite and don’t start off with the most important meal of the day.

The third reason I feel breakfast is important is that you can avoid having these health issues by consuming breakfast. Did you know obesity is one of the common things in American and it usually starts from not eating breakfast? This means you must ensure you’re eating a healthy breakfast and so are your children. Did you know childhood obesity is a very common thing? Parents and teachers need to ensure these kids are starting outright and not picking up on anyone else’s lack of negligence.

The last reason I feel like it is vital to your every day is your setting examples for your children. Most kids skip breakfast as if it’s normal because mom and dad do. If you set up some sort of a routine to ensure breakfast is eaten, I guarantee your children will pick up on that quickly. Kids are like sponges, they absorb everything they see and hear.

In conclusion, you must realize that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps promote greater brain activity and an abundance of strength for the day. By doing so you are making sure your health is staying up to par and your strength is ready to handle any hard labor you may encounter. We the people control our bodies most of the time. It’s up to us to uphold this way of living. With all the details and facts, I have provided, I hope you get the message.

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