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Wine Tourism as a Wine Business Function

Wine has a more soothing effects than any other drink. It can be said that wine has the capability of infusing its consumers with different pleasure by opening their senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch like no other drink. It appeals from the moment...

Why Alcohol Should Be Made Illegal to Heavy Drinkers

There are many people who enjoy drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a chemical substance which is considered an intoxicating agent found in distilled liquors. This substance is usually consisting of 95 percentage ethanol and 5 percentage water. Drinking alcohol can affect harmfully if consumers drink alcohol...

Non-dependent Parental Alcohol Misuse Impact

This study had limitations which may have affected the findings. Future research should take account of these limitations. Firstly, this study had a cross-sectional design, therefore causality between the significant associations such as parental alcohol misuse and MHS cannot be inferred, and a temporal relationship...

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