The Problem Of Underage Drinking Among Teenagers

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Teenagers tend to be peer pressured into experimenting with drugs or alcohol because they want to seem “cool” or to “fit in”. Unfortunately, Teenagers don’t see the consequences that could occur because of drinking or doing any type of drug. The only issue students and teenagers think will happen to them is they will get caught by their parents, they don’t understand what is happening to their body while they are drinking or abusing drugs. Sure, it may be fun at the moment, but chances of affecting your body and your health worth taking for just a little fun?

Taking one sip of alcohol at a party may not seem like a big deal right, I mean it's just one sip, but that one sip could lead to a whole drink or more. Drinking that one night at a party could affect your whole life and possibly lead to being an alcoholic. Teenagers reading this may think, “I’m not going to be an alcoholic, I’ve only drunk alcohol a couple of times, it's no big deal!” But, it is a huge deal. Being an alcoholic will set that example for your future kids and family and they will think it is okay to drink because you do it all the time.

Teenagers do not see the long-term risks of alcohol and drug abuse, which are liver damage, pancreatitis, cancers, and literal shrinkage of the brain. The reason the age limit on drinking is 21 is that an average female’s brain does not fully develop until she is 18 and an average male’s brain does not fully develop until he is 21. Drinking before the age of 21 can severely affect your brain which causes you to mature slower and become a responsible adult. Underage drinking will affect your good judgment, decision making, and impulse, not just at the moment but in the long run and these problems are not reversible once they have been affected.

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Drinking will also affect a student’s mood causing them to always have a short temper and become very defensive. It can also affect their grades and attendance causing them to be a lot lower, rebelling rules, poor concentration, and slurred words.

According to an underage drinking article on 19 out of every 100 young people, the ages 12 to 17, are defined as having serious drinking problems. Also, 85 percent of the deaths due to cirrhosis are caused because of alcohol; cirrhosis is something that can not be cured.

Every five seconds a teenager is in an automobile accident caused by the use of drugs or alcohol. More than 25 cents for every dollar you pay for car insurance is used to pay for damage and accidents caused by drunk drivers. According to, in the year 2007, 15,387 accidents out of 41,059 accidents are caused because of alcohol consumption; this is 37% of accidents.

Almost all underage drinkers know about the risks they are taking while they drink, but some do not know about the health risks it can cause. Every single school in America should have a class all about alcohol because these risks are not rare, they happen to Americans multiple times a day.

Teenagers, are these risks worth it to have a little fun for the night or to fit in with the “cool” kids? No, death and health issues are not worth the very little fun you are going to have while drinking alcohol. When you are faced with the decision of whether to drink or not, say NO, these risks are not worth taking.

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