Essay Samples on Nursing

Debate Between Supporters and Opposers of Vaccines

By the time a child in the United States reaches the age of two years, it is recommended that they have fourteen different types of vaccines which amounts to twenty-six different injections in total (Chaterjee, 2010). Vaccines are a biological preparation administered to humans (or…

Balance of Compassion and Effective Healthcare Leadership

This assignment will evaluate the current literature to identify the impact of compassion and compassion fatigue on efficiency. Consideration will be given to the direction and impact of the dark side of leadership, as Schantz (2007) highlighted that for nurses (leaders) to powerfully impact the…

Defenition and Effectiveness of Compassion in Nursing

According to the NHS, the 6C’s of nursing are the guiding principles for anyone working within the healthcare sector (NHS England, 2012) In March 2016, a 3-year study named “Compassion in Practise” was concluded, and a framework of recommendations and best practice called “Leading Change,…

The Complexity and Variation of Empathic Abilities

The idea of care has been the fundamental topic throughout the course, specifically self-care and empathy. Self-care is the practice of taking care of one’s emotional, mental, and physical health. Meanwhile, empathy is the ability to care for other individuals by understanding one’s feelings and…

The Significance Of Knowledge In Nursing

A discipline is defined as “a particular area of study, especially a subject studied at a college or university” (Cambridge Dictionary, 2018). Donaldson & Crowley (1978) stated that this discipline encompasses a basis of knowledge that is applicable to every aspect of the professional practice….

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