Why Pursue A Career In Nursing: Personal Views

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This paper will be describing the trials of becoming a nurse. The paper also describes the skills that are required to become a nurse, the difficulty of the career as well as the benefits, the local occupations provided for this career, and the level of education required. I also included information from a current registered nurse, Brittany Hughes, who shared her journey with me. Finally, in the paper, I will discuss my personal views on nursing and decide why I want to pursue a career in nursing.

Nursing is not an easy career to get into as it will be described in further information in the paper; however, it is a career that is a high risk, high reward in that if a patient leaves satisfied, they will be grateful. Examining nursing’s multiple requirements, cost environment through primary sources and an interview, convinced me that it is a worthwhile career and one in which I will thrive. 

If one wants to pursue a career in nursing, there are many factors to consider. Firstly, because of the nature of this position, much is expected of a nurse. They must be highly qualified to deal with medical conditions. They need to be compassionate and excellent communicators. True, there are jobs to be found for those diligent enough to pursue this career and the salary is competitive. But, the hours can be long and arduous and situations can be extremely stressful. Ultimately, nursing is a serious position but there are rewards to be had. 

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Section I

To become a registered nurse, you are required to have at least an associates or bachelor’s degree in nursing. Registered nurses must become licensed to practice in this profession. Jobs are typically numerous and starting pay is generally 35K and above. The job demands of a nurse are varied. From helping those who are sick or injured, to managing paperwork, and accommodating doctors as they diagnose patients to providing follow-up care. The job can, at times be risky. Registered nurses come across many people who may have infectious diseases, have taken harmful drugs, and/or been exposed to hazardous chemicals. Therefore, there is much to be learned before one can manage the demands of such a job. Aside from the practical knowledge a nurse must acquire, it is important to have an excellent personality and qualities when working in a healthcare facility. Some of these healthcare facilities include hospitals, surgery centers, home healthcare agencies, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Having a big personality can help with the interaction with patients and can influence work satisfaction. Some personality traits and skills for an RN involve communication skills, emotional stability, empathy, flexibility, interpersonal skills, respect, and physical endurance, stress management, dedication patience, and critical thinking.

Section II

In 2018, Novant Health directly employed approximately 23,843 people statewide in North Carolina. They resulted in a total of about $3.7 billion in wages, salaries, and benefits. Novant Health is a not-for-profit healthcare provider which has 15 hospitals and more than 1,600 physicians practicing in over 640 locations. Novant Health was formed on July 1, 1997. It was established by the merger of Carolina Medicorp of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Presbyterian Service of Charlotte, North Carolina. Novant Health is committed to community involvement and benefit means by the creation of programs dedicated to improving the health to patients. Some of these programs they provide include financial assistance programs, community health education, disease prevention services, academic health programs, and clinical education. Novant Health’s mission is to improve the health of our communities. They embrace an environment of “inclusion, empowerment, inspiration, and courage”. Therefore, the employees they hire are diverse. The diversity includes race, age, gender, and appearance. Those who are employed have a variety of characteristics such as personality, ethnicity, religion, etc. Novant Health offers compensation and benefits to those employed. They are eligible for the “Flexible Benefits Program”. Some of these benefits include dental, short-term disability, vision insurance, and whole life insurance. 

Section III

The minimum education required for this career is a bachelor’s degree with an associate degree being the maximum. For becoming an RN, about 4 years of study are involved, costing up to around $72,000-$104,000. You can obtain this education at a college or university, as well as nursing training. The requirements for entering a nursing program include a high school diploma or GED order to apply. There are different GPA requirements in different nursing programs. Some require a GPA of 2.5 or higher or others require a 3.0 GPA. The standard beginning wage for a registered nurse is around $28,000- $50,000 per year. The beginning wage can slowly increase as nurses gain experience. Average salaries in North Carolina based on the 2017 research is $62,560. Although, a registered nurse’s salary potential is based on several external factors. For example, where you work and how many years you’ve worked as an RN can affect the salary range of your job. It can differ if you work in a hospital or a private practice. Living, transportation, and personal expenses will depend on the circumstances of each becoming a registered nurse. Tuition, fees, books, and supplies for a four-year bachelor of science in nursing cost around $40,000-$200,000 or more, depending on the chosen college.

Section IV

I interviewed Brittany Lynne Hughes, who is a registered nurse. She now works as a clinical nurse supervisor at Advent Health Hendersonville in North Carolina. When I asked her about describing a typical day as a registered nurse she said, “It’s hard to describe a “typical” day because, in all honesty, nothing is ever typical. You can have days where it is calm or days that are crazy. The day can start with a code. It can completely change in the blink of an eye. If I had to describe it, a day starts with getting your patient assignment, assessing them, and advocating for each patient to try and get them better and back home”. She said that her best part about her job is the patients. “Watching them go home and get better is one of the most rewarding things in the world”. I agreed with her response when responding to my question. I believe that your patients should be your number one priority. You want to enhance their quality of life and seeing your patients become proactive in their treatment and recovery can be a joy. “The most challenging part of my job is not taking work home. Those who are at their worst can be one of the hardest things. Whether they are dying or have been diagnosed with a chronic condition, it can all affect you in some way. It is hard not to think about them especially when you are at home”, Mrs. Hughes stated. She said that a nurse required teamwork, kindness, passion, and caring. She believes that the most important skill is teamwork. “It takes a village to take care of patients”, Mrs. Hughes stated. She said that an RN requires an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing, as well as a license. You are required to take the state licensure, an NCLEX exam you have to pass. As the interview ended, Mrs. Hughes stated that “My advice to you is to never give up. School is hard, but once it’s over, it’s over. Nursing is the most rewarding career ever”.

Section V

After researching nursing, the personality and skills I possess are a great fit that is suited for this profession. In the medical field, there are many soft skills that you have to consider which include active listening, emotional empathy, and strong interpersonal skills. I am a student at North Rowan High who had the chance to work as a student-certified nursing assistant (CNA) at-home and in at homecare. I have been educated on providing basic care to patients, as well as assisting them in their daily activities. This includes skills such as perineal care, partial bed bath, foot care, mouth care, and range of motion. I have a flexible personality which helps me interact with those around me. Some of the characteristics I possess are my dedication and my ability to care for and love patients. My ability to love and care helps patients confide in me. Providing them with the proper care they deserve will improve the relationship between the patient and me. This will boost morale between the patient and me with good interaction consistently. The desire to be a registered nurse has always remained in me. After doing research regarding nursing, my emotions towards the career have grown stronger due to my experiences of training as a CNA and the information provided by Mrs. Hughes. I love the atmosphere that this profession provides, especially for the patients. I love the look of joy when I have satisfied the patient’s needs. 


Nursing is a profession that is exciting, ever-changing, and diverse. Registered nurses are required to know a hefty amount of knowledge used to assess, plan, and intervene to promote health (“Registered Nurse (RN),” n.d). Despite the numerous requirements, a registered nurse is a perfect fit for me where I can help patients enhance their quality of life, physically and emotionally. My trustworthiness, caring and loving personality traits all contribute to what is needed to become a registered nurse. Based on my research, I have concluded that I want to pursue this career.                       

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