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Treating Autism Across Life Span

Introduction ‘Autists’ or ‘Autistics’ needs to be specified as ‘individuals’ initial, and if there attitudes an essential reason towards using that obligation, “through Autism”. Therefore, I switched near the frequently documented impression of ‘people with Autism’. Nevertheless, I smear a capital communication in ‘Autism’ near...

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Introduction Autism is a condition that is present from birth or very early in development that affects essential human behaviours such as social interaction, the ability to communicate ideas and feelings, imagination, and the establishment of relationships with others. It usually has life-long effects on...

The Impact Autism on Children's Life and Their Future Adulthood

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects one’s physical, social, and language skills. It is considered to be a very heterogeneous (widely diverse) condition affecting at least 400,000 people in the U.S. alone. Most people with this disease are diagnosed before the age of three...

Motion Coherence Processing with High Autistic Traits

Abstract This study assessed the accuracy and reaction times of two groups of typically-developed (individuals that have met all the developmental milestones) adult participants, using a motion coherence task. The 116 participants were split into two groups based on their autism trait score (high vs....

Debunking the Belief in Vaccination as a Cause of Autism

John MacDonald, courant staff writer, stated that today one point five million Americans believe to have some sort of autism. These numbers have been climbing throughout the years and people are starting to want answers as to why. Scientists and researchers have been investigating the...

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