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Nonmaleficence Vs Beneficence: Ethical Principles On Physician Assisted Death

As the “baby boomer” Americans start reaching retirement age, the older adult hospital population is rising, and it is important for people with chronic diseases to have advanced directives for end-of-life care. In fact, only about 26.3% of U.S. adults have an advanced directive for...

Challenges With The Application Of Palliative Care In Nursing

Introduction Palliative care needs to be demonstrated in a way that makes sense and comes with mutual understanding of the patients and their families to reach its goal. A nurse having strong communication skills can positively influence palliative care patients’ understanding in order to promote...

Complexity of Palliative Care Work and Supporting of PC Teams

For palliative care (PC) clinicians, the daily work alongside end-of-life patients may be particularly demanding. In addition to being confronted to the suffering of patients and their families on a daily basis, PC staff also face frequent ethical, moral and interpersonal conflicts, complexification and technologization...

Principles of Palliative Carein Terminally-Ill Older Adults 

Singapore is a first world country that as is advancing, is rapidly ageing with over 200,000 Singaporeans currently aged 75 and above (Arivalanan, Y. and Gee, C., 2019). The Government is striving not only in promoting better health to the living, but also delivering optimal...

Palliative Care in the Management of Advanced or Terminal Illnesses

Discussion Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia (GAVE) syndrome: GAVE is an uncommon but often severe cause of upper GI bleeding, responsible for about 4% of non-variceal upper GI haemorrhage. The diagnosis is mainly based on endoscopic pattern and for uncertain cases, on histology. GAVE is characterised...

Hospice Care Or Palliative Care In Huntington Disease

In the terminal stages of HD due to the combination of dementia and loss of motor control an individual requires assistance with almost all activities of daily life. This is because at this stage the individual is unable to ambulate, talk, and even having difficulty...

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