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Cyber Security Attacks and HIPAA Breaches

Healthcare companies must take steps to prevent data breaches that are on the increase in healthcare, as they are much simpler to perpetrate than data breaches in other sectors, such as retail and banking, and appear to be lucrative to the victim. Nonetheless, there is...

The Importance of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules Enforcement

Healthcare records provide significant information about a patient. They are fundamental in providing good patient care. Medical records comprise sensitive information about the patient such as medical, health, diagnosis, condition. treatment or assessments. With the introduction of HIPAA and constant technological advancements, the healthcare sector...

Case Study on Regulation Information System implementation of the HIPAA Regulations

Introduction When a government passes new regulations, the new regulations come with a raft of measures on what companies are required to abide by to comply with the rules. According to Powner (2008), the government can voluntarily partner with organizations to implement laws or make...

Safe Harbor as an Efficient Method for Deidentification in HIPAA

The experts in the wellbeing segment have a gigantic undertaking of ensuring the wellbeing information record is constantly protected. For instance, exchanges that exist between a specialist and a patient ought to be classified to a high degree and kept safely without getting to an...

HIPAA Policies to Protect Patient's Personal Information

In 1996 the United States came up with a policy to protect the data called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, known as HIPAA. One of the aspects which applies to DBA of HIPAA is privacy rule which covers Personal Health Information (PHI) in...

The Importance of HIPAA in the Nursing and Doctor-Patient Communication

Communication is a key skill that we learn at a very young age. It involves the exchange of information between two or more parties. It helps us express our feelings and emotions and enhances comprehension about a person’s overall health state. Although communication is used...

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