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Pressure Ulcer Development in Older Residents in Nursing Homes Report

The purpose of this article by Kwong, Pang, Aboo Law (2009) is to assess the pressure ulcer incident and influencing factor of development on older residents in nursing homes in Hong Kong. Despite having previous studies done on the elderly in various healthcare settings, there...

The Negligence of Elderly in the Nursing Home System

Summary In Winn v. Pioneer Medical Group, Inc. involves a neglect case brought forth by the plaintiff concerning her mother’s treatment. According to medical records, Ms. Cox visited Pioneer Medical Group for ten years. Throughout the visits, Ms. Cox was free to ask for a...

Health And Social Care: Communicating With Residents In The Nursing Home

This nursing home has 42 residents ranging from 64 to 98 years old. Due to the different needs, communicating with each resident has to be person centred to their requirements. "!There are different forms of communication which are classed as Verbal or Non-verbal. "Verbal communication...

The Issue Of Nursing Home Negligence

Over five percent of the 65-year-old+ population make up those who occupy nursing homes or other long stay rehabilitation centers. The average stay time for these elderly residents is over two years, however many stay longer than that. People look to these facilities to care...

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