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The Case Of Communication Error In Healthcare

INTRODUCTION Communication is the process of sharing information, opinions, or facts by speech or writing from one person to another. Good communication can reduce anxiety and build confidence, an effective exchange between people helps them see what the other person thinks and feels, and forms...

Small Efforts for Reducing Ageism of Patient

The first similarity of two journals is that a health care provider should understand personal characteristics and dignity before the assessment of a patient. This is because health care providers who do not deeply understand the patient’s personhood is more likely to provide poor health...

Adhd: A Study Of The Hyperactive Disorder

Individuals who possess attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) lack complete concentration, have difficulty staying organized, and have little to no forethought on the actions they commit. Although, there are many contributors to these outcomes: Genes passed through generations, harmful substance intake during pregnancy, mental complications,...

Breast Cancer: How To Prevent It

Is breast cancer treatable and what can we do to prevent it? Something all women don’t know about is how to prevent it and what causes it. “Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control,”(CDC, 2018). Everyone says...

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