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Case Study On The Patients With Sle And Its Diagnosis

What might have caused the lack of energy in patient, and what type of tests might be ordered to support this conclusion Lack of energy and fatigue is a constitutional manifestation of SLE, but it can also possibly indicate a hematologic manifestation (Medscape, 2017-e). It...

Evaluation of Micro-RNA199 in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 

Determining the cause of LN will help in early detection and provide better therapeutic intervention to improve clinical outcomes (Ajmani et al., 2018), however the prediction of LN in SLE patient is challenging. In general, increased self-production and deposition of antibodies and altered immune responses...

Visual Snow Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment

Visual Snow Syndrome is a neurological disorder in which one’s vision is covered in small, dot-like shapes that resemble static from a television, and “snow”. In addition, those affected often experience impaired night vision, double or after images, sensitivity to light, and floaters. A floater...

How to Save Lives With CPR

The response to cardiac arrests is fundamental skill needed within the ambulance service, each year nationally responding to approximately 60,000 suspected arrests and attempting resuscitation in 28,000 (Perkins et al., 2018). As the survival rate from cardiac arrest is already very low in England, with...

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