The Limits Of The Health Care World

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There are few major constrains that the health care world is limited mainly by paper work and not using a standardized materials/ procedures. In a research by W. Winkelman and K. Leonard (April , 2004) there are few burdens and the overcoming of them by HIS is mentioned.

Orienting toward a Single, Lifelong Electronic Health Record

The longitudinal lifelong electronic record demands in particular to policy makers and epidemiologists. This format combines all of a patient’s health information from unequal sources, resulting in better surveillance of health problems and a more wide-ranging understanding of movements in service application. Such a centralized resource offered over the Internet can stimulate wellness and self-monitoring of health status by patients themselves as well as overall health system effectiveness by inspiring health care workers to adopt and develop standardized information gathering and service delivery practices.

The reaching of one singular record requires the establishing of a standardized medical vocabulary. There are several international and national agreements and working groups that seek to develop such a vocabulary but most haven’t prioritized patient vocabularies in their arrangements. However, realization of the goal of patient-access is likely to be limited by legal and public policy as well as data and security requests, patient confidentiality concerns, and inter-organizational conflicts.

The Need for a Standard, Universal Language

Paper-based records have generally had make problems from a lack of standardization in organization, content, and format. For electronic records, there are several choices for standards of information formats, lexicons, or system structures accessible to health care institutions. For example, there exist numerous attempts at standardized representations of clinical vocabularies based on everyday medical lexicons or “natural” language of clinicians for EPR systems such as SNOMED, MeSH, Read Codes, and others. Data definitions, particularly in free-text entries can differ from organization to organization or clinician to clinician, liable on the standards used or individual practitioner training experiences. Different classification plans for diagnoses and procedures may be used by various institutions and in separate authorities, depending on the requirements of the local information systems or the status of their advancement processes. Hospital EPR systems, standards of language, messaging, terminology, structure, and documentation created by organizations such as Health Level Seven (HL7) have been expressed based on the recognized processes and procedures of software sellers, health care providers, governments, insurers, and health maintenance organizations.

The Record Is a Tool for Physicians to help them in the first step

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Physician use these systems to communicate among physicians or between physicians and the hospital. This can also be observed in applications intended for comprehensive, patient-centered, disease management programs in which patients themselves are considered to be basic partners in management of their chronic disease.

In some cases, the structure of EPR systems can help the physician’s mental behaviour and work processes, such as structuring data entry requirements primarily according to system capacities, generating additional work for the physician separate from patient care, so that the physician won’t have much work to do on those but to concentrate of the diagnosing and treating. It will also save him time, which he used to writing and selecting. These, in turn, may compromise usefulness of the system even for physicians, corrupting the overall organization of information and knowledge in the record, reducing any potential efficiency additions, and even impelling communication with the patient.

Medical knowledge and medical lexicon illustrations are based on the idea that physician’s tactic to the content of the medical record with a body of knowledge and experience that allows for their resourceful usage. EPR systems tend to use these models of knowledge to picture and to inform their structure because the primary users are physicians.

Valuing Collaboration in System Design

In my opinion, the process of information system expansion is directed by the practical requirements of the actual users. Decisions on design and application of patient records systems in specific health care organizations are made by senior hospital administrators and information system and technology specialists in partnership with clinician-users. Care paths and clinical work processes must update the structure of the system to allow for the greatest chance of advanced results throughout the organization.

So as a conclusion the HIS won’t just lift out the burden and support for an effective healthcare for the doctors and nurses but also it will help the patients to gain a quick and a effective health care service. They can access to a greater health care without thinking about the distance problems also.


Warren J. Winkelman and Kevin J. Leonard April 2004, Overcoming Structural Constraints to Patient Utilization of Electronic Medical Records: A Critical Review and Proposal for an Evaluation Framework, retrieved 18th July, 2018, <>

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