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Meaning of Gym Membership in Our Lives

Referring to the article by Tan Yi Liang from The Star Online, titled Improving Lives Through Exercise, dated 2 April 2019, I strongly agree that we should adopt developmental sports as a learning challenge to help young people enhance their quality of life and cognitive...

The Effects of Exercise on Mental Health and Life

What does the strategy or practice involve? Exercise is an essential part of our life which is often overlooked and not given much attention. Exercise is one of the top priorities when looking at maintaining a healthy mind. The human body is like a complicated...

Creating Exercise Strategy with Physician Counseling

Did you know that only 27.6% of adults meet the recommended amount of weekly exercise? According to a recent research finding, heart disease is the leading cause of preventable death with over 600,000 cases in 2017 alone (National Safety Council, 2017). While some aspects of...

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