Why Choose Nursing As A Career

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Do we ever stop to look at who we are, what we do, how we do it, what manner we do it in, or who we impact daily when taking care of or doing for others? Today, nursing is looked at by a lot of people for various reasons. Was the choice of nursing made because of a situation they encountered, or the way the person looked in the uniform, or the money they would make in this type of profession. It is very important to stop for a minute and think about why we choose nursing as our number one choice career to pursue. We are ultimately responsible for the things we do, the lives we touch and the impact we have on others as well as the effect of what our actions will do to our patients, their families and the profession of nursing. We should all stop and look at why we chose the career and or the nursing profession. We as nurses should halt daily and remember the families we help, the co-workers we assist or assist us in our day to day duties and how our actions, skills and education will improve the lives of those affected.

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I believe nursing helps a person to become better, healthy and independent. We can influence our patients to be healthier, compliant, and cope with their diagnosis and or concern they present with. Today as nurse we should open, honest caring and compassionate in all phases of the care we deliver. So, I must state that nurses have a philosophy and the nurse we are today is practicing being a better nurse tomorrow. School and education can never be forgotten we are judged and tasked with a lot of choices, decisions, beliefs and values along with the vision of the future. Why choose nursing as a career?

When growing up we often see so many roles and career choices that one could pursue. We often look up the various roles and qualifications for the field to ensure we are traveling down the correct road to achieve that goal. While growing up, I always wanted to be a nurse but while moving forward, I had a chance to observe a patient in the Operating Room and Emergency Room and at that time I thought I would have a change of heart in that field due to the excessive amount of blood which made me sick to my stomach. I thought about pursing a degree in teaching as a result of that experience. I would go look for jobs and I found my-self back interviewing in positions in the medical field. I debated back and forth teaching or nursing. Nursing became the winner and the decision were greatly influenced by some nurses that delivered exceptional care, support, compassion given to the patients and family members in their time of need. I would have to say that I would be doing something that I loved. I enjoyed taking care of people. I felt that my touch, drive for making others feel better along with compassion would be a great asset to the one who stood in need.

I would have to say that nursing is like no other career choice that one could make. You can study many subjects and obtain various degrees in nursing. You will then be equipped with many skills where you have the knowledge to specialize in a certain specialty or sub-specialty in nursing. Knowing what you want and acknowledging that it takes hard work and dedication is a key to success and you will go very far if you apply yourself and stay up on the current standards and practices in nursing.   

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