The Patient’s Welfare as The Nurse’s First Priority

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As people become sick or vulnerable, a great need arises for highly skilled and compassionate individuals to take care of these people. The role of registered nurses (RN) in the UK cannot be overemphasized because the nurse’s first priority is the patient’s welfare; and to always advocate for the best interest of the patient. This entails listening to, and understanding all the patient says and does not say, in order to pick up vital information that ultimately helps the patient. 

Each patient has a unique situation which the nurse is most familiar with, owing to the proximal relationship that exists between them. Basically, the RN regularly monitors the signs and symptoms of the patient, records the patient’s medical history, and helps doctors in creating a care plan. They also operate medical equipment and educate patients about the management of their illnesses. Also, the RN documents everything done so as to promote the best health outcomes of the patients while collaborating with the medical team involved.

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Additionally, a high degree of social and emotional intelligence is required for the efficacy of a nurse. An RN empowers the patients during challenging times, and has to be emotionally and mentally stable so as to properly accommodate the needs of the patients. This may be challenging and there could be periods when the nurse feels drained; but what joyfully sustains the nurse are the days that yield satisfaction, owing to a patient’s triumphant smile and positive outlook.

Upon the discharge of the patient, it is essential to educate their families or caregivers, concerning the best practices that speeds up the recovery of the patient. Therefore, the RN engages in advising and counselling not only the patient, but also those who carry on the responsibility of taking care of the patient.

Furthermore, RN’s face certain challenges, and the profession can predispose a nurse to potentially perilous situations such as, exposure to infectious diseases, hazardous chemicals, or aggressive patients in some situations. I have worked in a microbiology laboratory where I performed investigation of infections such as HIV in a blood sample. In order to eliminate my chances of getting infected, i ensured to conduct these tests while adhering to the standard operating procedures. This included maintaining a sterile environment, wearing relevant PPE’s, and properly storing the biological samples and reagents. My interest in circumventing workplace hazards, propelled me towards earning a certificate in Health, Safety and Environment.

Additionally, I have an insight on the requirements of Nursing in dealing with different kinds of people and situations. My experience as a pharmacy technician, provided an opportunity for me to grow, as it strengthened my adaptability. The pharmacy was a fast-paced environment where I dealt with different people, managed stock inventory, learnt from the licensed pharmacists about the effects of different medications and healthy health practices. This fostered my interest in following up on our patients medical progresses through phone calls, and ultimately built my communication and critical thinking skills.

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