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Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis Methods And Disease Treatment

I decided to research ovarian cancer in this project because I am an ovarian cancer patient. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer five years ago, at 18 years old, and underwent surgery and chemotherapy (chemo) for 10 months. I wanted to know more about my...

Long Non-coding Rna As Predictors Of Cisplatin Response In Ovarian Cancer

A retrospective cohort study was conducted on 150 of Formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue of ovarian cancer. The enrolled ovarian cancer patients have treated by intravenous platinum compound based therapy either in the form of “Cisplatin or Carboplatin” for three to four cycles. As specimens...

Role of Lipid Profile in Ovarian Carcinoma Patients Diagnostics

Ovarian cancer is considered an elusive disease, quietly progressing undetected and usually evading diagnosis until it reaches advanced stages. Unreliable and inconsistent screening is thought to be one of the primary reasons why mortality rates from ovarian cancer have not improved as much over the...

Improving the Detection and Prevention of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer (OC) can be divided into distinct subtypes depending on the tissue of origin; surface epithelial, germ cell, sex cord stromal and metastases. Most tumours arise from the epithelial tissue of the ovary and this group is further subdivided by cell type; serous, mucinous...

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