Underage Drinking And The Effects On The Body

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Alcohol is a toxin that alters your brain's frontal lobe which is responsible for decision making and many more important tasks. Alcohol is also responsible for creating numerous health problems like heart disease, Liver disease, and an increased chance of getting Alzheimer's at an older age. Underage drinking is an increasing problem in our society and has been running rancid throughout America 49% of teens in high school have been intoxicated in the last month.

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I experimented with drinking to relieve stress and forget about all of the things going on in my life. I saw the bottle of vodka as a way to relieve the emotional pain that I have been experiencing. The main cause of my stress has been school and how overwhelmed I have been and the stress that I have at home and the pressure of having to be successful in school and life. Kennedy possibly cheating on me also didn't help the situation and overall has made this past few weeks hard. I have now learned why teens should not drink, the effects that alcohol has on the brain and the frontal lobe which is the last part of the brain to finish developing is just astonishing. Teens that drink also lose 35% more brain cells than if a 30-year-old drank the same amount, This shows how costly teens drinking can be for your health and when your done developing. Secondly, drinking alcohol at any age has a huge effect on the liver. Drinking in moderation is fine but drinking too much too quickly can harm the liver. Your liver can only process so much, if too much alcohol enters the liver the liver cells can't keep up and produce an enzyme called acetaldehyde which damages the liver and in the long run, can cause liver disease.

Binge drinking is very common among teens. Binge drinking consists of drinking high amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. This can be risky because your liver cannot process that many toxins at once which can cause sickness and even death. Alcohol is a mood-altering substance. It affects the nerves that pass messages around the body by slowing them down and the more you drink the greater the effect. The reason people often get more lively when they've had a drink is that alcohol affects parts of the brain responsible for self-control including the frontal lobe.

ABAC of 0.01% or higher, if the person is under 21 years old. Is the legal limit for a minor to drink. 0.01 is equal to drinking a few sips of a miller light which is legal in most states. But due to the increasing deaths and irresponsible parents allowing their kids to drink more than the legal limit many states have adopted the zero-tolerance rule, which consists of a DUI no matter the blood alcohol level. Illinois is one of the biggest supporters of this law and has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country.

In conclusion, I have learned the effects of alcohol on the brain, liver, and heart especially binge drinking. Teens should not drink due to the dangerous effects it has on their developing bodies and how it prevents them from living their adult lives heath complication-free. Too much alcohol also affects decision-making and slows down your senses to the point where risky behaviors can take place. Finally, the consequences for underage drinking are just not worth a few hours of relaxation when I could hang with my friends and stay active instead. 

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