Why Alcohol Should Be Made Illegal to Heavy Drinkers

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There are many people who enjoy drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a chemical substance which is considered an intoxicating agent found in distilled liquors. This substance is usually consisting of 95 percentage ethanol and 5 percentage water. Drinking alcohol can affect harmfully if consumers drink alcohol heavily. Therefore, alcohol should be made illegal to heavy drinkers because they do not perceive how dangerous it is. This essay will briefly explain the positive effects of consuming alcohol. Then it will emphasise the negative effects to convey the reasons why alcohol should be made illegal to heavy drinkers.

It is well known that drinking moderate amount of alcohol is positive to the health. One drink for women and two drinks for men is suggested as appropriate daily amount of alcohol respectively. First, drinking appropriate amount of alcohol can contribute to each social life. When drinkers drink some alcohol, they may be more cheerful or bright, and they may get along well with others who drink together. They can communicate easier and talk about some sincere conversation. In this way, social drinking can reduce not only stress but also risk of depression. Secondly, moderate drinking may provide some positive effects on health problems. Moderate alcohol consumption can protect drinkers’ bodies from cardiovascular disease. 

Alcohol can reduce danger of growing and incidence of heart disease, ischemic stroke. Furthermore, drinking small amount of alcohol can increase High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) which is good cholesterol, and this cholesterol may decrease danger of heart disease. Also, HDL may help blood thinner, and lessen danger of blood clot. With increased HDL, drinkers can prevent their bodies from stroke, heart attack and heart disease. These positive effects will happen when drinkers consume appropriate amount of alcohol. Alcohol should be drunk in moderation to keep body safe and maintain healthy.

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However, the real problem is that drinkers still do not realize how dangerous it is and it is addictive like drugs. Firstly, alcohol is too addictive to drink less or stop drinking. If drinkers find alcohol often and unable to control their consumption of alcohol, this phenomenon is called alcoholism. Alcoholism is very dangerous phenomenon because drinkers can be addicted to alcohol easily. In 2017, there were 589,101 dependent drinkers in England. 

Drinkers who are addicted to alcohol are more possible to evolve drinking problems. Alcoholism can affect to drinkers’ families, friends and finance. Drinkers who are addicted to alcohol may drift apart from their families and friends. Also, they will spend a lot of money on alcohol. Alcoholism can affect badly on life. Therefore, the statistics of alcoholism should be reduced.

As the addiction to alcohol can be strong and dangerous, the moderate alcohol consumption actually becomes extremely difficult in reality. The following result of failing moderate alcohol consumption would be harmful not only to the drinkers but also to the whole society. Alcohol has been blamed for many life-threatening illnesses like liver damage, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, stroke, digestive problems and many kinds of cancer. 

Heavy drinking alcohol also causes many problems at social level. It makes drinkers’ judgements blurry and stops drinkers from making clear decisions. It also makes drinkers more aggressive and lowers restriction of their action. For this reason, alcohol plays a significant role in committing crimes. Typical crimes are robbery, sexual assault, aggravated assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse and drunk driving.

Several conclusions emerge from this analysis. Firstly, drinkers could be addicted to alcohol if they drink a lot and they will find more alcohol. If they find more alcohol, negative effects will emerge as a sequence. It is not good for drinkers’ health if they exceed moderate amount of alcohol. Furthermore, alcohol makes drinkers unable to make certain decision. Drinkers could commit crimes or some severe mistakes with alcohol. As it shows, these negative effects outweigh the possible positive effects. Government have duty to protect and improve public health. Therefore, alcohol should be made illegal to heavy drinkers. 

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