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Consumer Attitude Toward Pizza Hut

Favorable buying decisions are generated by favorable attitudes. Based on this background, the current study aims to explore the consumer attitude towards the fast food restaurants in Bangladesh. Previous studies those were conducted on consumer attitudes towards fast food restaurants solely focused on consumer preferences...

Domino's Pizza: The Real Life Crisis

Abstract Domino’s Pizza had faced the situation of crisis due to the unwanted behavior from their own staffs in the product that is to be delivered to one of the customer. The company appoints the key spokesperson to handle this situation of crisis. The key...

Case Study Of Scott's Restaurants

About Scott’s Restaurants and Description of its Situation In late 1979 Scott’s Restaurants, a company of KFC planned to enter the take-out pizza market in order to avoid the repeating experience of fried chicken. Before planning anything Scott’s conducted the consumer research on the problems...

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