Essay Samples on Burger

American Fast-Food Chain Burger King

Burger King is an American fast-food chain founded in 1953. As of today, it is considered as one of the largest companies in the world with more than 17,000 restaurants. During the National Bullying Prevention Month of 2017, Burger King has decided to stand against...

The Impossible Burger as the Staple of Vegan Food

The growing popularity of vegan food has become an apparent currency in cultural exchange in the US. Los Angeles isn’t just all about Hollywood glitz and glamor, it’s also all about the healthy and plant-based lifestyle. Eating healthy and cleansing oneself from meat, fried food,...

Burger and Other Nostalgia Food of the People

There are certain foods that trigger nostalgia and bring back memories from our past. Famous chefs and food influencers who have a strong relationship with food have one thing in common: the nostalgia connected to the first moment they fell in love with food. It’s...

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