Essay Samples on Teenagers

Connection of Trauma and Resilience Among Teenagers

Introduction When one thinks of trauma and resilience, what comes to mind? Attitude, emotions, failure, hope, stress, health, family and relationship problems and the list can go on. Determining the meaning of life is a key concept within the context of positive psychology. Adolescents are…

The Cruciality of Sex Education Among Teens

Teenage adolescence can be a callous time for parents and guardians. With raging hormones comes voice adjustments, rebellious attitudes, and puberty. Educating teenagers about sex is a distressing conversation for most parents. Some parents briefly cover the topic with their children, while a portion of…

Exploring Adolescent Development in the Breakfast Club

Adolescent Development in “The Breakfast Club” High school is a fundamental time of adolescent development as morality changes along with physical appearance and personality. Because of this, “The Breakfast Club” offers psychological insight into the changes that teens suffer during high school years as well…

Into The Minds Of Inked Adolescents

In the article, “On Teenagers and Tattoos”, Andres Martin brings up the growing trend of tattoos in today’s youth and the reasons for this occurrence. Martin starts off by bringing up his idea that the relationship between tattoos and teens are quite prevalent today. Even…

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