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An American Teen Movie "The Breakfast Club"

The BreakFast club is an American teen movie, written and produced by John Hughes in 1985, who later went on to make Home Alone. The movie starts at Shermer High School, as they are reported for Saturday’s detention on march 24, 1984 at 7 a.m....

Why Teenagers Are Developing Eating Disorders

Nowaday, Teenager have feeling that their body isn’t perfect.It decreases their confidence and giving them an eating disorder this is called Teenage Anorexia . Even though this eating disorder is very dangerous but people continue doing it. It can harm themselves and may cause to...

The Stress Of Teenage Decision Making

Teenagers are often depicted as being rash and impetuous in their decision making. In contrast, adults are often shown to be smarter in their decision making. The ability to be able to make meaningful decisions will not happen until someone enters adulthood. Before adulthood though,...

Teenager's Depression In 13 Reasons Why

Jay Asher’s TV drama “13 Reason Why ep13 “, argues that teenagers’ depression most of the reason is because of school bullying, no one tries to give them a hand when they got bullied. Asher explains that students’ behavior may affect a person’s life mentally...

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