Why Teenagers Are Developing Eating Disorders

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Nowaday, Teenager have feeling that their body isn’t perfect.It decreases their confidence and giving them an eating disorder this is called Teenage Anorexia . Even though this eating disorder is very dangerous but people continue doing it. It can harm themselves and may cause to death so it is a very serious type of disease which can happen mostly in teenager.

Anorexia is an eating disorder that causes the person to control what he or she eats. The anorexia is often underweight while they feel overweight. They have an intense fear of gaining weight because they wanted to look beautiful and have perfect body shape. This kind of disease often starts in teen years and it is very important for parents to know the signs of anorexia in teens. 

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An example is the case of teenage Marry. She was so upset with her weight gain. Marry think she is fat, so she forced herself to throw up after eating her school lunch and that causes her health to get worse and unhealthy. It makes her feel sick and it seemed harmless to her. After her parents caught her doing this they are starting to talk about this problem and ask her about how long she has been doing this Then, they are trying to fix this problem and go talk to the doctor. The sign of eating disorders in teens may include the following such as Extreme weight change, Insomnia, Hyperactivity and skipping most meals.They may be moody, anxious and depressed. The problem appears when their parents are not aware of these signs because the teen keeps them hidden.

The problem caused by Anorexia is people who suffer from this disease will have dry skin, weakness and tiredness, muscle weakness and the most dangerous thing that may happen is death. If anorexia is a female, she may never get her first period or her period stop. The expert said that eating disorder can be caused by many factors such as family relationships, psychological problems, genetics and they may have low self-esteem be preoccupied with having a thin body. 

And the ways to help them by the simple way is to talk to the parents about this problem and go talk to the doctor to get some suggestions and fix this problem the faster you get medical and psychological treatment you will be on your way to recovery. (Bhandari, 2019) But there are types of therapy of eating disorder treatment. The first one is individual therapy it is a kind of therapy that focus on increasing self-awareness and improving self-esteem. The second type to fix this problem is family therapy it is to talk about the problem to help out.And the last one is a group therapy it’s allows people with eating disorders to talk with each other in a supervised setting. This group of people will support and help each other. ( Lyness, n.d.)

The reasons why teenagers are developing eating disorders are not from one exactly cause but it came from many factors ,But there are three main factors that make them kept doing it are Societal pressure, Favorite activities and the last one is Personal factors. The most popular reason that they are eating disorders is came from Societal pressure because normally people like to judge others by their looks but people shouldn't be judging them because it makes people lost their confidence and mean to them so they wanted to look good and have thin body but as you know the popular society tends to being thin. The other main factor is favourite activities       

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