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Analysis Of The Different Measures Of Development On The Example Of The U.s. And Egypt

In our pursuit to understanding the dynamics of our world, development and food production have become increasingly prevalent topics of discussion. Development, a process that creates growth and progress, is measured using Gross National Income (GNI), the Human Development Index (HDI), and the Sustainable Development...

Comparison of the Human Wellbeing in China and Australia

Human Wellbeing refers to the aspect and growth experienced by people as entities and as an association. The World Health Organisation (WHO) outlined the condition of life as an associate with a quote “individual’s impression of their situation in the activity within the situation of...

The Relation Between the Mortality Rate, Pib Per Capita and Human Development Index

What first brought our attention into this topic was the new Netflix´s documentary that was released on September 20, Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. Bill and Melinda Gates came across disturbing results relatively to the number of deaths regarding the lack of sanitation in...

The Meaning and Essence of the Human Development Index

People experience plenty of changes over the period of their lives. So what is the meaning of human development? The definition of human development is the process of expansion of human’s potential, an increase of choices and opportunities and fulfillment of human rights. According to...

Human Development Index: Personality and Ability

There are many unique pieces of human development on the planet. The human developmental process begins with the union of egg and sperm at conception. (James S Naiene,2009, p. 92) A fertilized egg it contains hereditary material pressed into chromosomes got from their parent. They...

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