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Intercultural Communication and the Concept of Double Consciousness

The existence of ethnic minorities around the globe and especially in the west, has historically been subjugated by the dominant culture or hegemony. Since the mid-twentieth century there has been great research in cultural studies and memory studies on the construction of identity of these...

Double Consciousness Experiences of Rebecca Walker

Rebecca Walker describes her mixed race experiences as a kind of “double consciousness” where she always also seeing herself through the eyes of others. Look more closely at how Walker explores the “mask” that she wears as a mixed race person. Caroline Streeter dismisses walker...

The Issue of Colorism in Modern Society

Colourism...what is the deal with it? What is Colourism? How does being a coloured person earn an impact in our life? Will my life be any different if my skin colour was lighter? Will I ever stop being judged for being dark-skinned? If I paint...

Sociological Theory About Double Concsiousness

The article “Ethnographies of Race, Crime, and Justice: Toward a Sociological Double-Consciousness” aims to introduce double-consciousness thinking into ethnographic studies of race, crime, and justice (RCJ) in order to “redefine what it means to study practices, structures, and cultural processes within the field” (Rios, Carney,...

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